Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Because you might be interested in this...

Mindy started taking Clomid some days ago. Technically, she started it on the first day of her period, because that's what you do. Clomid is a fertility drug and we decided to use it because it has very little side-effects or risks associated with it.

So, we're pretty sure she's ovulating.

Tomorrow afternoon we will go to the doctor. She will do an ultrasound. But, of course, it's not the normal kind. It's more like a probe. It's what our friend nicknamed, "The Dil-Cam." The doctor will check to see if Mindy's folicles are open. If they're at 8cm, it's go time.

While visiting with close friends this weekend, Chris asked me to call him right before the insemination. I was happy to see he's interested and so caring. I sipped by beer, "Will you call me before you and Shannon have sex?" We all laughed.

Yes, I'm blogging about it, but it hasn't happened yet.

And I'm still wondering what that call might sound like:

Dude, ok, we're in the office. Mindy's all up in some stirrups. Ok, the doctor has this tube. Ok, she's looking at me like shutthefuckup, and now Mindy's, like, frowining....Dude. Yeah. Ok. Ok. Thanks. Uhhuh. So, I called. OKOK bye.

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