Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pee Test Day (#3)

The truth is, Mindy peed on a stick again a few days ago...just in case. It was negative.

Still, though it was too early to test.

So, we made the decision that we'd test yesterday morning and that would be the first test where it really counted.

Mindy woke me up at 6:00 yesterday because she had to pee. For the ovulation test it's important to pee in the morning or some other time when your pee is more concentrated. Mindy decided to stick with the pee in the morning thing, I guess. Anyway, the light went on in the bathroom and I was still half-alseep, starting to write this blog in my head. It went something like this:

Mindy peed this morning and it was negative, but you know, I'm not too sad. After experiencing all the weird emotions that came with the insemination, it seems like I can handle it from here on out. In fact, it'll be nice to spend more time with just Mindy, maybe we could get a drink to........

"BABY, BABY," this shriek comes from the bathroom, "GET IN HERE NOOOWWW!" I run into the bathroom to find Mindy naked, this look on her face and she's staring at me and then pointing toward the bathroom counter. Still in a dream like stage of early morning writing in my head and sleeping, I look on the counter and see the pee stick. It has one very dark line (as usual), and one other line. The other line is not as dark. Mindy is still standing there, waving her hands around. I grab the instructions to read, "One line may be lighter than the other." I'm naked, too, you should know, hair all over the place. We just stare at each other for a while.Then she smiles. Then I smile. We stumble over words and laugh and get serious and laugh and get serious for what feels like hours. I hug her. She pushes me away and tries to read more of the instructions. I assure her that it is what it says. I say, "Get the camera."

So, there you have it, gentle readers. As far as we know, Mindy is pregnant. There, I said it.

Of course, I should mention that most women don't tell people they're pregnant until 3 months in. Mindy is in a high risk category because of her "advanced maternal age."

But, we're telling you all for a few reasons: 1. I can't keep secrets 2. Mindy will have to wear a special mask at work, so people there will know anyway...and then they'd say stuff on facebook and you'd all know accidentally 3. I wanted people to know how it feels to be gay and wanting to have a baby, to be gay and pregnant, or possibly, to become unpregnant.

Zygote Approves Uterus, Peace Talks Underway

Columbia, MO (AP)-Some time around 6 a.m. Central Standard Time, two lesbians were informed via urine intel that they would be hosting the nine month long meeting of sperm and egg and subsequent mandatory 18 years of economic, intellectual, and emotional support. When asked to comment, the lesbian playing the support role in the matter said, "It's awesome, but it's kind of like the last scene in "The Graduate."


  1. WOOOOO!!! That is such amazing news! I'm so happy for you guys!! Oh I can't wait to see ultrasounds and things! Thank you so much for letting us share this special time with you. Your blog is always so touching and emotional. I love you guys! Congratulations!

    Also, stop by my blog. I've got a treat for you because you're so awesome!